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Best. Coffee Recipe. Ever.

I admit I am not a great scale user and temperature measurer, but once in a while I enjoy trying out exact coffee recipes. Usually I read them or use the fantastic AeroPress Timer App. But Florian Döring made something much more creative: a recipe video. Enjoy. With a good cup of coffee. Via bettertastethansorry.com […]

April 30 / 2014
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The last sips of #thirdwavewichteln

Here I sit in the dark. Having my second to last cup of coffee from my Wichtel Laura Clark from Kansas. A really nice cup of coffee. Sweet blueberries, chocolate and a sprinkle of cherry coke. Seriously fun stuff. It’s a Yirgacheffe from Kaldi’s where Laura works as a barista. Not only the coffee has […]

Februar 20 / 2014
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