Discord Lamp – 2 seconds in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Within 20 work hours on my shelf.

Keep Calm in Flutter
has been one of my favorite episodes of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic so far. Not only because of the rebirth of the great and chaosful Discord, but also because of a lot of really nice slapstick scenes and animation details. And one has instantly engraved upon my heart: the scene where Discord smashes Fluttershy’s lamp and recreates it as a sculpture of himself. My instant thought was: I’ve got to build that, too. And I did.

It took my about three weeks two buy all the materials I needed and over the course
of a week I spend hours and nights to build it from wire, Creall Do&Dry modelling clay, a brick, mesh wire, aluminum foil, acrylic paint, fabric and of course a lamp socket and a cable. Großes #mlpfim-Bastelprojekt. Starts now. I bought two and a half kilogram of clay, turns out: one would have been enough.

Irgendwie so. In die Richtung. Könnte das was werden. Mit der Discord Lampe. #mlpfim #discordlampDiscord Lamp… I just hope it will ever stand somehow… #mlpfim #discordlamp
If you plan to do something like that: Use thicker and stronger wire. And less aluminum foil. 🙂 The beast gets pretty heavy, it needs all the support it can get. I used (another) lamp to stabilize it. It still sacked to much while drying. Ich habe Acrylfarben. Und ich werde sie benutzen. #discordlamp The painting wasn’t the hardest part and it took only about five of the total twenty or twenty-something work hours I spent on this project. But the colors
don’t really match, although I am very happy about the result. Of course, without his skirt (lamp shade) my beloved #discordlamp wouldn’t be complete. I considered making it from clay or paper which both would have been easier to match color and shape but I decided to go for fabric, which for my taste suits the origin of
the skirt as a shade much better.

And well: this is how it looks now, sitting on our router cabinet in the home office room: Finally ready: Discord Lamp. In direct comparison you see, it’s far away from perfect. But I am perfectly happy. And I hope you like it, too.