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„Where is the main course?“ – While facilitating a workshop within a youth exchange with a French group I was asked to explain the concept of German „Abendbrot“[evening bread meal]. Having bread with cheese or sausages is quiet convenient, but not exactly what I personally feel beste with. Bread, regardless if plain white or whole […]

Oktober 26 / 2014
Author Henning
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Ello.co – simple, beautiful, ad-free and beta.

The last social media service, I got (at least) a little excited about has been tent.is (now cupcake.io), used by about a dozen people. The concept to build an open protocol as a fundament for many services seemed noble and for me it was much more appealing than diaspora. Well, ello.co isn’t open, but it’s […]

August 31 / 2014
Author Henning
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